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1xbit login1xbit is a bitcoin betting site. 1xbit is one of the successful international betting sites that you can play games such as sports betting, live betting, casino, live casino, and poker. We have searched for all features of 1xbit, which serves in 39 languages.

1xbit uses the infrastructure known as Cascade, which is also preferred by the 1xbit betting site, so 1xbit has no problems with the infrastructure provider. Even the site is known to serve as a Bitcoin version of 1xbit. We expect that you will be interested in the site that will succeed in other game options.

1xbet login

About 1xbit Betting

We see that the sports betting and live betting infrastructure is Cascade. This means the games that are available on other sites that use this infrastructure, will take place in 1xbit On the site you have the chance to play every option you can think of in football and basketball bets. It is also remarkable that live bets also include player bets. Cards, corners and similar bets can also play in this section.

1xbit Casino and Other Products

The 1xbit betting site is known to offer similar services to 1xbit. Their entry address was “crypto1xbit” for some time. Besides, the products on the site such as casino, live casino, and poker options attract attention. These sections include the games of the most important software companies in the world. You can play NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Play’nGO, Amatic games and many more in 1xbit.

1xbit License Information

We see that the company information of the 1xbit betting site is not transparently shared. However, the site’s support teams have informed us that 1xbit uses the Curacao license obtained through 1x Corp N.V. We believe that the license is correct thanks to the 1xbit betting site serving through this license.

1xbit betting site using the Curacao license means you can defend your rights if you are wronged on the site. If the problems you experience are not solved by the site, you can forward your problems to the Curacao Gaming Commission. If you are right about your complaints after the reviews here, Curacao Gaming Commission will contact the site and request that your problem is solved.

Is 1xbit reliable?

We can determine if the 1xbit betting site is reliable by looking at the license and company information. However, it would be a mistake to conclude that the site alone is reliable from the company information. That’s why we need to deepen the research a little bit.

The most logical way to find out if the betting sites are reliable is through user reviews, but unfortunately, there are some misleading comments. In general, you can understand how the site serves after filtering comments.

1xbit User Reviews

1xbit does not have a serious problem with the company and license information. You can take a look at the user comments made by the betting sites that have a passing grade in the company and license information and make an inference based on these comments.

We have stated that 1xbit betting site has been in service for about 1 year. The interest of the bettors has shifted to Bitcoin betting sites, making 1xbit popular. There are some positive and negative comments about the site. These comments can be listed as:

“1xbit betting site may cause problems for the bettors. At least some of the comments made by bettors are in this direction. On the other hand complaints like ” I couldn’t withdraw my money” or ” They don’t give my money” are scarcely any. We see that the rate of withdrawals of the site is criticized more. Unfortunately, in some periods bettors who want to make withdrawals for the site are held. This brings some problems.”

We see that the support teams of the 1xbit betting site also received criticism. Bookmakers playing on the site, ask for help from the 1xbit betting site support team when they have a problem but the speed and response of the team are not satisfactory. For this reason, you can forward your problems to the mail support team.

These are the general problems with the 1xbit betting site. Those who play your games on the site and have different problems or are completely satisfied with the services of the site can inform us and other bookmakers with their comments. Thanks to the comments you will make, it will be better understood how the site serves. Other bettors will decide whether or not to invest in the site. Under this page, you can share 1xbit complaints and comments.

1xbit Login Address

The access addresses of the 1xbit betting site may be blocked by law. A betting site needs to have a license to serve legally. Because the license of the 1xbit betting site has been obtained from Curacao, the site is legal in many countries. For example; Let 1xbit’s login address be This address is opened through addresses such as 1x-bit, Since there is no difference between the login addresses that are opened and the addresses that are closed to access, bookmakers continue their games smoothly at the new address.

We have stated that 1xbit serves with Curacao license. No provision in the Curacao law prevents a betting site from opening a new address. In this way, 1xbit, which can open a new address after each access block, will continue to open a new address after access blocks in the following period.

Ways to Provide Direct Access to 1xbit

Using letters instead of numbers in the input addresses of 1xbit causes confusion. For this reason, bookmakers are looking for direct access to the site. Here’s how you can access the site directly:

  1. One of the methods that you can directly access 1xbit and other betting sites is to use a VPN.
  2. Bookmakers who do not like to use VPN can access 1xbit via the buttons on our website. After each access block, these buttons are updated according to the current address of the site and will bring you directly to 1xbit. You can safely use these buttons and continue your games.

Sign Up to 1xbit

We have stated that the current login addresses of the site are complex. For this reason, there may be bookmakers who cannot find the current login address of the site. When you access the site using the buttons on our site membership steps are very easy. You can directly become a 1xbit member in the membership form that appears.

Does 1xbit Require Documents?

Once you reach the 1xbit betting site, you will see the green sign up button in the upper right corner. When you click this button you will see a bonus page and you will see the register button. In the second stage, when you click on the register button, you will be directly a member of the site.

1xbit is in a different position from other betting sites because it does not require personal information, address information, user name or password. If you want to bet without sharing any information, you can choose 1xbit.

At the time of registration, the site where your account was opened shares account information on the screen. As soon as you register, the user number and password appear on the screen. You cannot change this user number. You can change the password after logging in to your account with this number and password.

Is my information secure in 1xbit?

We have stated that the 1xbit betting site does not request any information at the time of membership. On the other hand, you need to enter some information after becoming a member of the site. Name, surname, date of birth and so on. You can choose not to share even your email address if you don’t want to. We will try to satisfy this curiosity of bettors who are wondering if this information is safe or not.

We see that the 1xbit betting site serves under a Curacao license. It is extremely unlikely that a licensed betting site will share information. 1xbit also protects the information on the site through encryption and is not shared with third parties. We also see that bookmakers who have played their games in 1xbit have never filed such a complaint. You can safely opt for 1xbit betting site.

How to deposit with 1xbit Bitcoin?

Deposit with 1xbit Crypto Exchange

To invest in a 1xbit betting site you need to sign up for a Bitcoin exchange. We will explain the investment with Bitcoin to 1xbit via By signing up to, you can transfer up to 2 BTC without submitting documents and your account now has Bitcoin. The next process is much easier. You get the Bitcoin wallet address of 1xbit. You enter this address, which consists of many numbers and letters, in the recipient part and enter the amount of Bitcoin you send. In this way, the amount you send within an average of 15 minutes will be credited to your account and you will start betting. The minimum investment for the Bitcoin payment method is 0.001 BTC.

1xbit Alternative Deposit Methods

Bitcoin betting sites do not only have Bitcoin investment methods. Betting sites include other crypto coins in the deposit list of the sites for bettors to make transactions more easily. The 1xbit betting site is also one of the sites that accept an investment with many cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

Apart from Bitcoin, you can make your investments with Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Dash, Monero. Since the lower limits are appropriate, we think that the bookmakers will not have any problems at this point.

1xbit Bitcoin Bonus

We see that the 1xbit betting site is confronting bettors with high odds. In this way, betting sites that offer high odds do not pay much attention to bonuses. Apart from the first deposit bonus at 1xbit, it is one of the sites that generally do not care about campaigns. All campaigns on the site are:

1xbit First Deposit Bonus

The first bonus designed by the 1xbit betting site is at a different point from the campaign of many sites. After the initial investment, you can get a 100% bonus up to 1 BTC, but this bonus is not directly credited to your account. You have to meet certain requirements beforehand.

For the bonus to be credited to your account, you must play 40 times the amount you deposit at 1.60. After fulfilling this requirement, you will receive 1 BTC bonus account. This is a compelling bonus that doesn’t have a conversion requirement, but it doesn’t make much sense that you don’t have a conversion requirement because you have already met some requirements beforehand. You must meet this requirement within 30 days.

For example; Your first investment in the site is 1 BTC. In this case, you can qualify for a 100% bonus. After you play 40 BTC games in 30 days, 1 BTC is uploaded to your account. Anyone who is a member of the site can benefit from this campaign of 1xbit, which creates a different-style campaign.

1xbit Betting Insurance

Another campaign of 1xbit with its first deposit bonus is betting insurance which takes attention. In this campaign, which resembles the betting exchange feature but also has the main differences, you eliminate the possibility of losing your bet.

For example; You have made 1 BTC coupon and want to insure it. You can ensure the bet by giving 0.50 BTC more. If your coupon loses, you will be credited to 1 BTC account and reduced your loss by 50%.

1xbit Special Offers

The 1xbit betting site has some more interesting campaigns, but these campaigns are not included in the overall bonus list. From time to time we see they please bettors with special tournaments, special prizes, and several competitions.

General bonuses are not expected to change in the following weeks. They will meet bookmakers through the initial membership bonus and betting insurance, but we expect that special campaigns will increase, especially before big tournaments.

Withdraw with 1xbit Bitcoin

Bookmakers who earn money on 1xbit betting site can withdraw this amount to their account with Bitcoin. Money withdrawal may be delayed from time to time, but generally, you can see the amount you have taken in 1 hour in your account.

If you want to withdraw your balance at 1xbit with Bitcoin, you will first enter the withdrawal screen. You then enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to withdraw. Finally, you enter your Bitcoin wallet address. Your money will be credited to your account after you complete this address, which contains many numbers and letters. Apart from the occasional delay of transactions, there is no serious problem at this point.

1xbit Alternative Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal list of the 1xbit betting site includes methods other than Bitcoin. You can make your withdrawal at any time of the day with Monero, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and similar crypto money. The classic payment methods like Bank Transfer, Ecopayz and others are not available on the site.

You follow the same way to withdraw with other crypto coins. After you have written how much you want to withdraw, you enter the wallet address of the relevant crypto money and your withdrawal will be transferred to your account within 1 hour.

Overall Assessment

We made the assessment of 1xbit which can be summarized as high betting odds, betting options, reliable site, poker, and casino opportunity. Even though there are minor complaints about 1xbit, bettors are generally satisfied with the site. But we need your comments to understand how 1xbit serves. By sharing your comments you can help us to obtain current information.

According to us only deficiency of the 1xbit is their live support team. There is no problem with the speed of this team, but the Turkish of the team was insufficient for us. That’s why you can’t find the answers to your problems in this team. In case of a change in live support teams, the site will not have any problems.

We ask you to share the cases that we missed with us. You can share all your comments without swearing and insults under this page. Complaints and comments about 1xbit are welcome.

1xbit Brief Assessment

  • License
  • Betting Options
  • Reliability
  • User comments
  • Login Addresses
  • Membership
  • Deposit
  • Bonuses
  • Money Withdrawal
  • Support


1xbit betting site is an address established to make bets with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Cascade infrastructure. Be sure to try this betting site that offers a bonus of up to 1 BTC in the first deposit.